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Eva Trice

Devlen Tempo

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About Snippetly

The content specialists at Snippetly create engaging short short form videos that not only stand out, but also make a big impact on your followers.

Fresh & dynamic design

For Snippetly’s website, the goal was to market this new product in a fresh and dynamic way. This meant focusing on creating an engaging online presence that reflected the essence of Snippetly as an innovative solution for our target audience. We wanted to build not only an informative and user-friendly website, but one that excited visitors and piqued their curiosity.

Quick, easy to maintain and functional

For changes and additions to the assortment, it is important to Rozema that they can easily add new products. Of importance to the user next, that despite this many products, they can still order products quickly and easily.


Pixxels is Snippetly’s regular website partner. This means we update and modify the website as needed. With our maintenance contract, Snippetly doesn’t have to worry about anything and we are always thinking with you to improve the website!

"This young team has been creating the websites for all of our TV formats for years. They are fast, efficient and easily accessible. This is important to us, so we are very satisfied!"

-The Dutch Media Group

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