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About Femmegetic

A woman’s well-being is determined by her hormonal (dis)balance. Femmegetic combines in its supplements the knowledge and expertise to restore and nourish this balance. As a mother, this is the supplement needed to feel good.

Femmegetic wants to contribute to a future where every mum (to be) can pay attention to her health so that she can be the mother, partner and wife she desires on her terms.

Easy to customise

For Femmegetic, it was crucial to be able to easily add content themselves. The webshop is therefore modular, making it very easy to change, remove or add content.

In addition, we have built in several functionalities that automate webshop processes. This allows Femmegetic to focus on the things that matter!


Pixxels is Femmegetic’s regular website partner. This means we update and modify the website as needed.

With our maintenance contract, PHIA no longer has to worry about anything and we are always thinking along to improve the website!

Pixxels is a good choice! Bjørn is very pleasant to work with. He keeps his word, agreed deadlines and he always thinks very finely.

- Desirée Domacassé, Founder Femmegetic

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