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A complex concept clearly communicated.

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Clear Story

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About Blending Habits

Blending Habits is the consultant in the field of transition and change management. They help governments and businesses with advice and implementation on sustainability and digital transformation.

An insightful session

During our Clear Story session with Blending Habits, the main focus was on creating clarity. Clarity for the visitor on the Blending Habits’ website. The concept of Blending Habits may be perceived as complex for some people. By defining clear steps/phases, the concept was dissected and turned into a clear story.

Clear story session

New website structure

Targets set

Playful & clear structure

Blending Habits’ new website is designed from the “less is more” principle. We used a lot of white spaces filled with black content. By using coloured strips, we gave the design a playful twist.

Designed to perform

Blending Habits’ website is designed to perform. This means that we set up the back-end of the website as clean as possible. Blending Habits can easily edit all content itself.


Pixxels is Blending Habits’ regular website partner. This means we update and modify the website as needed. With our maintenance contract, Blending Habits no longer has to worry about anything and we are always thinking along to improve the website!

Pixxels helped us with a new website. They translated our requirements well into a powerful design with charisma. They switch quickly and are effective, definitely recommended

- Jordy - Co-founder Blending Habits

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