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About Ōerum

As ecology and the environment become critical aspects of modern luxury, Ōerum stands for ethical, precious and effortless jewellery; true to a sustainable outlook on life. Their passion goes beyond jewellery as they dream of being able to create moments of joy, inspire bonds and strengthen the relationship you have with your jewellery.

Communicating a story

There is a wonderful inspiration and philosophy behind Ōerum’s jewellery. They have a story to tell. All Ōerum designs are made to withstand whatever life throws at you. The jewellery is ethically sourced and responsibly made. True to a sustainable lifestyle is not only their motto, it is also their way of working. For this website, the focus is on conveying this message to make visitors admire and enthuse about Ōerum.

A smart webshop

At Ōerum’s webshop, the most important thing is that customers can make the right choice as quickly as possible. With jewellery, you can choose from many variables, so it quickly becomes cluttered.

Fortunately, easy choices allow customers to quickly arrive at the perfect product and complete the purchase.


Pixxels is Ōerum’s regular website partner. This means we update and modify the website as needed. With our maintenance contract, Ōerum no longer has to worry about anything and we are always thinking along to improve the website!

"A very nice collaboration! I urgently needed help so that the launch of our new product could still go ahead. Bjørn and his team were immediately ready for me to help - incredibly grateful for this!"

- Tamasine McNabb, eigenaar Ōerum

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