An outdated website that needed a new look, with innovative integrations and functionalities.

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About DesignOffers is the webshop of Van Waay & Soetekouw. On the webshop, you can find various offers of exclusive and original designer furniture and accessories online! Their shop is located in a monumental building in Delft’s atmospheric and historic city centre.

The importance of a well-organised webshop

In the Clear Story session with DesignAanbiedingen, the focus was on improving the user experience of the webshop section. The areas for improvement were in design and additions to webshop functionality.

Together with Gert, the owner of DesignAanbiedingen, we determined the target audience, picked a design style and looked at what functionality would lead to achieving certain goals.

Clear story session

Plan of action

Targets set

Calm design with a pop of accent colour

The design for DesignAanbiedingen could not be too noisy, otherwise the visitor would not be able to fully focus on the webshop’s beautiful products.

We therefore also chose to make great use of white spaces in combination with photos and the orange accent colour.

A webshop that attracts purchases!

All desirable integrations are fully integrated into the custom website. In this, the important pillars were ease of use, few clicks and a clear buying process.


Pixxels is DesignAanbiedingen their regular website partner. This means we update and modify the website as needed. With our maintenance contract, DesignAanbiedingen no longer has to worry about anything and we are always thinking along to improve the website!

"A fine team! Clear explanations and explanations with excellent results!"

-Jacqueline Schut

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