AVON Cosmetica

A big name from way back, with a new web shop to regain brand awareness.

Eva Trice

Devlen Tempo

Nat Stasis

About AVON Cosmetics

AVON Cosmetics is the #1 webshop in the Netherlands & Belgium in the field of cosmetics for women. They sell a large range of varied beauty products at a soft price. No matter if you are looking for a face cream, perfume or shampoo….AVON has it!

Easy going, sales-oriented

AVON sells their cosmetics at a soft price. We therefore made sure while designing that the look and feel of the website should not be too fancy/luxurious.

Besides, AVON has a very wide range of products, so we made sure that visitors get to the right product in different ways.

Webshop focused on automation

For AVON, it was important to automate as much as possible in the ordering process, for both the customer and AVON itself. We have built in various functionality that replace time-consuming tasks (exporting labels, generating packing slips & invoices, notifying customers when delays occur) at the push of a button.

This allows AVON to focus entirely on marketing and customer service.


Pixxels is AVON Cosmetics’ regular website partner. This means we update and modify the website as needed.
With our maintenance contract, AVON no longer has to worry about anything and we are always thinking along to improve the website!

"Pixxels redesigned, developed my webshop and in those phases paid direct attention to automating common AVON processes. What makes Pixxels unique is that they think along with the customer to the best of their ability and, in addition, always find a solution to any problems."

- Eleftheria - Owner of AVON Cosmetics

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